Our Coffee-House

It is probably not the big, wide world that gathers in our coffee-house, but it is nearly the whole world of Rechnitz. Whoever wants to know what happenened or is happening or will happen in our community will get first-hand information here – no matter whether it is correct or not!
Joking aside – due to its location in the central square of Rechnitz, the café of ours is one of the most frequented meeting points of the community. There are mainly regulars, who have their drinks, but whoever has been here once, will come again – thus becoming a regular him- or herself. That´s why people get to know each other easily here; and that´s why a closer acquaintance may develop from a chance meeting.
We offer drinks and food in our coffee-house all day: Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks, wines and beers, snacks, cake and pastries – this and more is waiting for You!


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